Physiotherapy in Simcoe

Recover. Repair. Improve.

Our physiotherapists work with individuals from Simcoe and Norfolk County who have sustained musculoskeletal injuries, broken bones, have limited/decreased physical function, suffer from pain, or are recovering from orthopedic surgery (including joint replacements), as well as neurological injuries.

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Conditions Treated by Our Physiotherapists

Physiotherapy can provide treatment for a number of different conditions including:

Physiotherapy Treatment Options

At Simcoe Physiotherapy Centre a wide range of treatment options are available and include:

Resistance Strength Training

First Time Seeing a Physiotherapist?

On your first visit to see a Physiotherapist, a physical assessment will be conducted in order to determine what and where dysfunction lies. 

Once the problem(s) has been identified, your Physiotherapist will educate you on your condition and determine an individualized treatment program for you.

Clinic Information

Direct billing to Extended Health Benefits, MVA & DVA coverage.