Acupuncture in Simcoe

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Rediscover your body’s natural ability to heal with acupuncture, a time-honoured practice that releases blockages and restores balance to your energy pathways. Let our precise acupuncture rejuvenate your well-being, guiding you back to optimal health and harmony.

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How Acupuncture Helps

Acupuncture is suitable for the treatment of a wide range of health disorders.
Using traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic principles and pattern identification, the body can be examined as a whole, and treatment programs can be individualized according to the person, not the ‘disease’.

Acupuncture is very useful for the treatment of any pain or stress related issue

Acupuncture as a Preventative Therapy

While acupuncture can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, we believe the best use of acupuncture is to receive treatment on a regular basis, as preventative therapy, with the objective of maintaining wellness and balance.

The beauty of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is that one does not need to have a ‘concrete western diagnoses’ of the problem before treatment can begin.

Often, there are subtle signs and symptoms indicating disharmony in our bodies that occur long before a ‘western diagnosis’ can be made.

Acupuncture can address these signs and symptoms at an early stage, thus preventing the continuation of the disease process.

Acupuncture Supplies
Cupping Therapy

What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping is a suction technique that is applied to the surface of the skin. It manually pulls toxins and stagnation from the body’s deep tissue.

Cupping is an ancient and extraordinary technique. Its effects are immediate. The healing process may be shortened by weeks, even months, by using cupping therapy.

What is Cupping Therapy?

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